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Whether you want to save on a monthly basis, or make sure your hard earned lump sum is working hard for you, Abbey International Solutions can find you the investment solution that is right for you.


We have solutions for all risk profiles, from the most conservative to the most aggressive.

The more your money works for you, the less you have to work for money.
Idowu Koyenikan

Whatever your future goals, whether it’s to purchase your dream home or car, travel the world, play golf, or just relax with your family, investing wisely can save you years of work and ensure you can live the lifestyle you dream of.



The QROPS is:

  • Fully approved by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs)

  • Designed for non-UK residents that have UK pensions

  • A completely legal and secure financial product

QROPS stands for ‘Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme’.

‘A-Day’, 6th April 2006, is a famous date in the world of UK pensions as on this day the industry underwent its biggest shake-up for over 10 years. From this day forth, UK pensioners could transfer their pension(s) overseas by becoming non UK-residents.

Why a QROPS?

No need to move your pension to your new country of residence. if you are British and have moved permanently to Thailand, you can move your pension to Guernsey, the Isle of Man or another Regulated Country.

  • Ability to take a larger percentage of your Pension Pot as Tax Free Cash.

  • Start taking the benefits at age 55 rather than the Uk’s Normal Retirement Age.

  • Tax-free income and withdrawal benefits after 5 tax years of being a non-UK resident.

  • No need to purchase an annuity.

  • Ability to pass on your Pension Pot to whoever you wish upon death.

  • Draw down your Pension free of Uk Taxation.

  • Take Retirement Benefits in the Currency of your choice.

Abbey is careful to connect you only with the Institutions that we are fully satisfied have been officially approved by HMRC.

How long will it be before the Chancellor finally realises how much money is really leaving the UK in pensions? Time is of the essence as the QROPS will not be here forever. But while it is, shrewd investors are moving their pensions now, for tax-free income in the future.

Don’t miss out – find out today how you can increase your pension income using a QROPS.

Contact us for a FREE, confidential Pension Review with a Senior QROPS adviser.

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